Ideas of Where to Gather Social Media Content

Ideas of Where to Gather Social Media Content

Quote Your Customers

Use Your Reviews To Your Benefit

  • Yelp!
  • Google Business
  • Trip Advisor
  • Facebook
  • Regram

Quote Your Staff

Quote the owner(s) and/or employees

  • Behind the scenes
  • A day in the life

Utilize Your Website

Quote your website and/or your blog post

Your website talks all about your company … your tagline … your history … what you offer … why you should buy our products, donate to our organization … sometimes the content you are looking to create has already been created.

Other Places to Reach for Content

  • Sponsors & Supporters (for non-profits)
  • Local News
  • Product Photos & Reviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Talk to your local chamber or association to see if they have a library of professional photos that they can share and/or ask them their policy on sharing their photos.


The Power of the #Regram

The Power of the #Regram

Regram = Sharing another user’s post

Social media, on a personal level, is all about showing people what we are up to. Look at me on this hike, look at me skiing, look at me eating… sleeping … sitting … walking … whatever. People want to be SEEN.

Now all the sudden somebody shares their photo, tags them … and BOOM … they are getting seen … even more!

Regram Etiquette!

  • Ask the creator for permission: Please be mindful and use your manners/best judgment. If your business has been tagged/hashtagged in the photo, go for it – in my humble opinion that is their way of saying “OK”
  • Always give the proper credit – TAG the creator: Be SURE you give them the photo credit that they deserve and are craving. If you stumbled upon it organically – take the time to ask them in their comments or via direct message.
  • Avoid edits if possible
  • Don’t forget to use #regram

How to Regram:

  • Take a screen shot of the photo
  • Crop the screen shot so only the picture remains
The Power of Images

The Power of Images

Images are more engaging than just text alone. Our brains are pre-wired to automatically interpret relationships between objects, allowing for almost instant comprehension with minimal effort. Notice how quickly your eye finds variations in these attributes…

Use images that are pleasing or evoke emotion to make your social media posts more memorable because people remember…

10% of what they HEAR

20% of what they READ

80% of what they SEE