The Power of the #Regram

The Power of the #Regram

Regram = Sharing another user’s post

Social media, on a personal level, is all about showing people what we are up to. Look at me on this hike, look at me skiing, look at me eating… sleeping … sitting … walking … whatever. People want to be SEEN.

Now all the sudden somebody shares their photo, tags them … and BOOM … they are getting seen … even more!

Regram Etiquette!

  • Ask the creator for permission: Please be mindful and use your manners/best judgment. If your business has been tagged/hashtagged in the photo, go for it – in my humble opinion that is their way of saying “OK”
  • Always give the proper credit – TAG the creator: Be SURE you give them the photo credit that they deserve and are craving. If you stumbled upon it organically – take the time to ask them in their comments or via direct message.
  • Avoid edits if possible
  • Don’t forget to use #regram

How to Regram:

  • Take a screen shot of the photo
  • Crop the screen shot so only the picture remains

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